Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Liz's Hair at Breakfast
(an embellishment of an almost true story)

Hello Brenda, how are you?
We've been driving for a day, or two.
I'm writing to say what fun it is
Travelling with mom, dad, and my sister Liz.
But first there's one thing I must say
About something strange I saw today.
Let me tell you of our morning rest
And of Liz's hair at breakfast.

We were seated in the restaurant,
The waitress asked, "What do you want?"
We ordered eggs, hash browns, and toast
(That's what Liz and I both like the most).
And while waiting for our breakfast fare
I began to notice Liz's hair.

She was sitting in the sunny light
And her hair was flying, like a kite!
It happened slowly, strand by strand,
Till all her hair did take a stand.
Not straight up, but in a slant,
Behaving like a potted plant.

As I stared at her unique hair-doo
The waitress returned to serve our food.
She took one look toward Liz's way
And nearly dropped her serving tray.
"I've seen many things", the waitress said,
"But that, my dear, is one strange head."

She closed the shade to dim the light
Still Liz's hair remained in flight.
But by the time our meal had ended,
Liz's hair at last descended.
We finished up our jam and toast
And I said "Liz, do you know what I like most about being with you?"
"It's that I'm never sure just what you'll do".
Liz smiled brightly and said "Me too".

We're on the road now, once again,
Travelling toward our journey's end.
I'm not sure who, but you can bet
Someone will ask "Are we there yet?".
And so, dear Brenda, I trust that you
Are enjoying your vacation too.
I hope your days they can compare
To this breakfast tale, and Liz's hair.


Sasa said...

Bravo!! Brilliant tale of Liz's hair at breakfast!!! You are a poet and I hope you know it!! You Rock!! :-)

Liz said...

I can't stop laughing! Shakespeare has nothing on you!
Thank you for making me laugh at 8a.m.... The moral of the story is use more conditioner or static electricity will take over your head...